Who should consume Nu-Prep LELAKI?

Nu-Prep LELAKI is recommended for men. But especially for men with low testosterone levels due to ageing, prolonged stress and unhealthy lifestyle. It is also recommended for men who are involved in high-energy and strenuous physical activities such as sportsmen and athletes, which require sustained energy and better recovery.

Can I consume Nu-Prep LELAKI together with other prescribed medications?

Yes. We recommend that you consult your Doctor or pharmacist for clarification before taking Nu-Prep Lelaki.

How long does it take to feel the effect after consuming Nu-Prep LELAKI?

The best effect is between 1-3 weeks, varying among individuals. Our observation shows that the effect is faster in individuals who perform physical exercise regularly.

Is there any side effect after taking Nu-Prep LELAKI?

Based on our research and feedback from the consumers, we have not encountered any adverse effect.

When is the best time of the day to consume Nu-Prep LELAKI?

The best time to take is after meals, we recommend after breakfast; or a couple of hours before strenuous physical activities.

Can I take Nu Prep LELAKI continuously on a long-term basis or should I space out the consumption?

Nu Prep LELAKI behaves like a conductor of an orchestra. Its effect is to enhance whenever and wherever there is a need for the body’s system to work more. Nu Prep LELAKI maintains the body's hormone balance, not cause imbalance. It regulates accordingly and has scientific studies to support its long term use without causing side effects.

Can Nu Prep help to enhance my competitive performance and physical fitness?

Nu Prep LELAKI is formulated at the Clinically Proven dose that was used by athletes and helped enhance muscle fatigue recovery after endurance exercise.

There are a lot of Tongkat Ali products in the market. How do I know which is genuine and safe to consume?

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between genuine and unauthentic Tongkat Ali products is in the time it takes to exert its effects.

Genuine Tongkat Ali products cannot and will never be able to exert its effects immediately.

Only those that have been adulterated with Western medicine can, and they are therefore not pure Tongkat Ali and may be unsafe to consume.


What is Nu Prep WANITA?

Nu Prep Wanita is a health supplement that contains 50mg PHYSTA, a standardized Tongkat Ali root extract, water-soluble for effective absorption, formulated specifically for women.

When is the right time for me to take Nu-Prep Wanita?

The ideal time to take Nu Prep Wanita is after a meal. We recommend after breakfast, or a few hours before vigorous activity.

At what age is Nu Prep Wanita suitable to be taken?

Can be taken as early as 25 years old. Most effective for those above 35 years old.

Other than providing energy, what else does Nu Prep Wanita do?

The main benefit of Nu Prep Wanita is to be able to restore overall health, increase energy, reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality, increase immunity, reduce stress, and increase concentration/focus.

Do you need to increase water intake when taking Nu-Prep WANITA?

We recommend to drink enough water when taking Nu-Prep WANITA. 


Who should consume Nu-Prep Eksekutif B Plus?

Nu-Prep Eksekutif B Plus is our recently launched 2023 product under the Nu-Prep Brand. It combines 50mg PHYSTA with Daily essential various Vitamin B’s. Best for those who are leading fast-paced lives, and require an immediate boost of energy and sustained throughout the day, both men and women. Also helps manage stress. Effective for the young and active. Good for those going to the gym.

How long does it take to feel the effect after consuming Nu-Prep Eksekutif B Plus?

At best, effects can be seen between 1-2 weeks, varying among individuals. With the added Vitamin B’s, you should be able to feel its effectiveness quickly.

How Do I Take Nu-Prep Eksekutif B Plus?

Take 1 tablet per day. We recommend taking it right after breakfast.

Is there any side effect after taking Nu-Prep Eksekutif B Plus?

Currently, we haven't seen any reported side effect.

Why is my urine yellow after taking Nu-Prep Eksekutif B Plus?

It is due to Vitamin B2 inside the formula, which is common in any multivitamins in the market. The neon colour in pee is a harmless sign, as your body absorbs only as much as it needs and any excess not required passes through your urine. Take enough water if the colour becomes too intense. 

What's the difference between Nu-Prep Eksekutif B Plus, Nu-Prep Lelaki or Nu-Prep Wanita?

It depends on your needs and the benefits you seek. Nu-Prep Lelaki and Nu-Prep Wanita contain purely PHYSTA in each capsule, formulated at their effective clinical dose to provide energy and stamina and improve overall health (hormones). However, Nu-Prep Eksekutif B Plus is a combination of PHYSTA with essential Vitamin B Complexes that function to boost and provide immediate energy and manage daily stress. 


What are the ingredients in MEN’S FORMULA?

MEN’S FORMULA contains Tongkat Ali 75 mg (Eurycoma longifolia) extract, Cordyceps 75 mg (Cordyceps sinensis), Ginseng 50 mg (Panax ginseng), Horny Goat’s Weed 50 mg (Epimedium sagittatum), Devil’s Thorn 50 mg (Tribulus terrestris) and Maca Root 25 mg (Lepimedium meyenii).

What is the main function of MEN’S FORMULA?

Main function of MEN’S FORMULA is to enhance men’s sexual performance and health.

How long would it take before I can feel the effects of MEN’S FORMULA?

As MEN’S FORMULA is herbal product it would take up to 2 – 4 weeks to see significant improvement in health.

Is there any side effect of taking MEN’S FORMULA?

One common effect after taking MEN’S FORMULA is heaty. If this occurs, take plenty of water.

How do I know which is genuine and safe to consume?

Products registered with NPRA (National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency) are considered genuine and safe to consume. Each of the registered products comes with a unique MAL number and a NPRA hologram.

Does MEN’S FORMULA have the same effect as VIAGRA?

No. MEN’S FORMULA is herbal preparation and as such is not designed to work like Viagra which is a drug.

Can I take MEN’S FORMULA during the day?

Yes. It is best to take MEN’S FORMULA during the day after your meals.

What’s the difference between MEN’S FORMULA and Nu-Prep LELAKI?

Difference in its formula and targeted benefit. Men's Formula is a 6 herbs formula with 75mg PHYSTA Tongkat Ali aimed to improve sexual performance with its multiherbs formula. Nu-Prep LELAKI contain higher amount of PHYSTA (200mg) Tongkat Ali which is the Clinically Proven effective dose to improve men’s testosterone level, muscle strength, energy & stamina.


What are the benefits of NU-CAFFE Physta® Tongkat Ali?

In addition to focus and alertness, NU-CAFFE Tongkat Ali provides energy and stamina throughout the day.

What is the difference between NU-CAFFE Red & NU-CAFFE Black?

NU-CAFFE Red contains Physta® Tongkat Ali Extract 50mg, non-dairy creamer and Arabica instant coffee for latte taste while NU-CAFFE Black contains Physta® Tongkat Ali Extract 50mg and Arabica instant Coffee for black and bold taste.

How many sachet of NU-CAFFE can be consumed a day?

Depends on consumer preferences. NU-CAFFE can be consumed up to 3-4 sachets per day.

Can women consume NU-CAFFE Physta® Tongkat Ali?

Yes, women can consume Nu-Caffe. Studies show that the lower dosage of 50mg of Physta® Tongkat Ali extract is suitable for women.

Does NU-CAFFE contain sugar and what is the amount?

NU-CAFFE Red contains 3.3g per sachet of sweetener from a non-dairy creamer and NU-CAFFE Black contains 0.8g of sweetener for bitter masking component. Other than that, NU-CAFFE does not contain added sugar.

How long would NU-CAFFE Physta® Tongkat Ali gives effect after consumption?

Depending on the level of health of individual.


Who can take NU-KIDS?

Anyone above 7 years old. Nu-Kids helps to boost energy and supports body immunity (with the added Vitamin C).

When is the right time to take NU-KIDS?

Can be taken at any time. We recommend eating after breakfast.

Can my child take more than the prescribed dosage? How much is the maximum tablet per day?

No problem. According to international studies, the maximum daily dose of Vitamin C should not exceed 2,000mg per day. For Nu Kids, we recommend no more than 10 tablets a day (1,000mg of Vitamin C). In addition, the body will only absorb the required amount of Vitamin C and throw out the rest. It not beneficial to take excessive amounts if the body does not need it.

What are the benefits for my child?

In addition to supplying Vitamin C to strengthen the body's defense system against illness and fever, Nu Kids contains standard BIOKESUM TM extracts that are clinically proven to improve mental function and improve focus.

High to sugar content in this supplement? I am worried about the high sugar content for my child.

Each tablet contains 1g of carbohydrates, equivalent to 0.07% of a child's daily carbohydrate needs. It contains no added sugar.

How long can I see the results?

Like other health supplements and vitamins, this product is a practice. The duration to see the results depends on each individual's body. Vitamin C, in particular, is known to be absorbed into the body rapidly.